Indian Beach - Sapphire Shores
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Save the Date! April 17th is proposed City Commission Meeting. Updates and agenda will follow.

City Planning Board Mar 8, 2023 Meeting to Consideration Vacation of Marlin Square

Where is Marlin Conservation Square MAP

Greenspace map of IBSS greenspace for the neighborhood!

IBSSA  position letter to the city against vacation of Marlin Conservation Square 

Marlin Conservation Square Cleanup video Jan 2018 

Marlin Conservation Square cleanup documentation 2012 -2018 with pictures

Summary of Minutes from the Communtity Workshop held by the city, Neighborhood Response in Yellow 

Marlin Conservation Square Sign added in 2000 removed by abutting neighbor IBSSA never notified

Parker Perry @ Marlin Conservation Square Sign 

Marlin Article in Spring 2000 Newsletter pg 6

Creation of Marlin Conservation Square Article in Autumn 2000 Newsletter pg6  

FINAL REPORT to SWFWMD from Beautification Chair Allen Lilly 2000 regarding Marlin Conservation Square creation

Jesse White letter to city against vacation of Marlin Conservation Square

History of Marlin Article in September 2010 Newsletter pg4

Save Marlin Conservation Square handout by Brywill Cir Neighbors 

Q&A_You have questions… here are answers! To Save our Greenspace 

Brywill Cir floods and would be worse with the vacation of the Marlin Conservation Square

Storm Water Drainage Maps…. why flooding is a problem

Save Marlin Square Postcard sent to all IBSS residents


Save Marlin Petition. Please click to sign & support Marlin Conservation Square